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TripElephant is a software startup based in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in data analysis, adaptive algorithms, and location data.

Demand Generation

TripElephant's marketing platform is a sophisticated advertising technology helping clients achieve incredible levels of ad customization and targeting at scale. Our system utilizes a unique combination of flexible bidding strategies, control and multi factor optimization to achieve outstanding results. Conveniently incorporated with a set of client tools including raw data access and visual dashboards to monitor and manage large scale campaigns and accounts, it can take your paid search strategy to the next level.

If you have an online business and are interested in increasing your return on ad spend, clickthrough ratios, and being "in-the-moment" with consumers, reach out to us at

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MobyTrip is a comprehensive trip planning app that plan's your vacation automatically using advanced algorithms. You can plan a whole trip to anywhere in the world in just seconds. Users can collaborate on trips together with friends in real time, and find hotels close to their planned vacation.

MobyTrip is TripElephant’s main consumer-facing app, launched in August of 2016, and is supported by large scale data validation, mapping, and directional routing systems.

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MobyTrip Pro

MobyTrip Pro is a B2B trip planning and productivity tool for travel agents, letting agents leverage our data analysis and algorithms, to provide a higher level of service to their clients. It helps agents save time, expand their offerings to new destinations, and provides their clients with a beautiful online representaiton of the trip.

MobyTrip Pro


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